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In court, there is no room for error. Therefore a precise and correct legal strategy is required. That is why you need the very best representation to accompany you through court proceedings. Adv. Lior Shaby is experienced in managing court cases and has a wealth of experience across the various courts of first instance as well as in appellate courts, including representation in the Supreme Court. Adv. Lior Shaby is a litigator – a top-notch fighter, with the skills to manage large, multi-million shekel cases involving extensive materials, professionally and efficiently, in order to achieve the best results in court. In addition to court representation, the firm specializes in resolving disputes through mediation and other dispute resolution mechanisms.

Digital Fraud

Digital Fraud

Unfortunately, one of the evils in Israeli society is the multitude of Israeli companies dealing in digital fraud under the guise of forex trading, binary options, NFT, cryptocurrencies, etc. These companies offer their clients “opportunities” to profit from digital trading, which simulates a certain market. However, the reality is that these companies are not transparent with their clients. They profit when the client loses, and apparently lose when their clients win, and therefore it is in their interest for their clients to lose. The increased number of such companies serves as an indication that this method is working and even improving. 

The Lior Shaby Law Office possesses the expertise and experience in recovering funds lost to digital fraud through platforms simulating trade in binary options, forex, NFT ,cryptocurrencies, etc., for both Israeli citizens and foreign residents. Over the years, when these fraudulent operations caused unsuspecting people to lose their savings, the firm, through lawsuits and legal proceedings, was able to recover large sums of money from the companies engaged in this illegal trade as well as their owners, and reimburse its clients.

Bankruptcy and Insolvency

A procedure with the aim of financial rehabilitation and fiscal education of debtors that allows them to wipe the slate clean and start over – without debt. Over the years, Adv. Lior Shaby has recorded many achievements in the field and rescued many from financial distress brought on by unsuccessful misguided financial conduct carried out in good faith.

Contract and Corporate Law

The Lior Shaby Law Office has extensive experience in commercial law and is experienced in drafting complex commercial contracts. In addition, Adv. Lior Shaby is experienced in registering companies, drafting founders’ agreements and partnership agreements between business partners.

Banking Law

The firm specializes in a number of banking areas, such as defense against lawsuits by banks that did not act in accordance to the law, and in removing bank restrictions by virtue of the Bad Checks Law.

Writs of Execution

Our office has experience with and specializes in writs of execution, and only handles cases of over NIS 250,000 to be collected, which require thinking outside the box.

Defamation Law

If your name has been slandered, the Defamation Law in Israel permits you to file a lawsuit for every publication published against you, claiming an amount of NIS 70,000. Additionally, in cases where the defamatory publication against you was made intentionally, you may sue for NIS 140,000. The firm is experienced in defamation and slander cases, including protection of privacy, as well as dispute resolution based on laws of defamation and privacy.


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