Have you been a victim of digital trading fraud?

Even if the company trades in forex, binary options, crypto, NFT, and other digital platforms and resides in a different country, you can usually sue them without going abroad.

Unfortunately, one of the evils in Israeli society is the multitude of Israeli companies dealing in digital fraud under the guise of forex trading, binary options, NFT, cryptocurrencies, etc. These companies offer their clients “opportunities” to profit from digital trading, which simulates a certain market. However, the reality is that these companies are not transparent with their clients. They profit when the client loses, and apparently lose when their clients win, and therefore it is in their interest for their clients to lose. The increased number of such companies serves as an indication that this method is working and even improving.

Our firm specializes in this specific field and has experience retrieving funds for many fraud victims. If you were a victim of digital trading fraud such as binary options, Forex, crypto, or NFT, we are here for you. Contact us for help.

digital trading fraud

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Adv. Lior Shaby

Adv. Lior Shaby, the founder and owner of the firm, holds an LL.B degree and has been a member of the Israeli Bar since 2009. Adv. Shaby is a National Mediation Institute certified mediator and serves as a member of the Bar Association committees on the subjects of: arbitration and mediation, the Office of Judicial Execution, and Litigation. His experience was acquired, inter alia, at the law firm of Dr. Yossi Cohen, as well as with another leading firm in Tel Aviv, before founding his independent office in 2012. Adv. Lior Shaby is fluent in both Hebrew and English.

Have you been a victim of digital fraud? Contact us!


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